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Finding Files by Name With Git

Acknowledgment: This is meant to be the Windows equivalent of Anders Janmyr’s excellent post on the subject of finding stuff with Git. Essentially, I’m translating some of Anders’ examples to Powershell and providing explanations for things that many Windows devs might not be familiar with.

This is the first in a series of posts providing a set of recipes for locating sundry and diverse thingies in a Git repository.

Finding files by name

Let’s say that you want locate all the files in a git repository that contain ‘monkey’ in the file name. (Finding monkeys is a very common task.)

# find all files whose name matches 'monkey'
PS:\> git ls-files | Select-String monkey

This pipes the output of git ls-files into the Powershell cmdlet Select-String which filters the output line-by-line. To better understand what this means, run just git ls-files.

Of course, you can also pass a regular expression toSelect-String (that is, if you hate yourself.)


Next, searching for files with specific content.